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Joomla Community Magazine - July 2018 Issue

Helping members of the Joomla! community connect with each other and share their stories. We would love to publish yours!
  1. A Lucky 13th Birthday to Joomla!

    The 17th of August 2018 marks the 13th year since Andrew Eddie, on behalf of the then Mambo Development Team, announced the birth of Joomla in a letter to the community.
  2. The “professional look”: Reasons to not use generic webmail with your Joomla! websites

    It is possible to use generic webmail accounts (e.g. Gmail,, iCloud) with Joomla! but there are constraints on their use and some people have problems configuring their websites to
  3. Joomla Community Present at FISL - International Forum of Free Software

    The Joomla community was represented by six people at the 18th edition of FISL - International Forum of
  4. Joomla to attend CMS Summit Orlando 2018

    The second annual CMS Summit Orlando is again set to bring together web designers and developers from the biggest and brightest Open Source communities. Speakers and attendees from WordPress,
  5. Comunidade Joomla presente no FISL - Fórum Internacional de Software Livre

    A comunidade Joomla esteve representada por seis pessoas na 18ª edição do FISL - Fórum Internacional de
  6. Zapping Joomla!

    Zapier is a popular task automation service that utilizes "Zaps"; a Zap is made of a "trigger" (ex.: When I receive a new email in Gmail...) and an "action" (ex.: ...send me an SMS message).
  7. How to Translate Joomla and JDocs

    Joomla, Best Free CMS, powers over 9% of all known business websites. If
  8. 10 Reasons to choose Joomla

    You’re looking for a CMS to create your website? Numerous are available, and choosing one for many people is not easy. You need to know which one fits to your project, what are the features,